The Great Artist by Martha Magenta

We sit and watch the perfect day’s end.
Pageants of color as the sun descends,
Floats precarious with sanguine glow.
Flourishes of light, love and life bestows,
Paints the evening sky with wanton hues,
Crimson, scarlet, yellow, and blue.
The flamboyant artist thus emblazons
Heaven, then dips below the horizon.
Painting iridescent waves of the sea
That dance and glisten in a final spree,
While dark shadows stretch like lazy dreamers
Basking in deep red sunset streamers.
Now as darkness spreads like indigo dye,
A myriad stars adorn the night sky.
© Martha Magenta

Find Martha Here:

Author: Jaymee Woolhiser

Jaymee is the writing force and creative director behind the Beaux Cooper brand. She loves to collaborate with other writers and journalists across the genres. Jaymee lives under the beautiful foothills of the Front Range in Colorado with her cat, Ada, and partner.

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